Saoirse feeding Tony

Lucky Tales Sanctuary is a farm animal sanctuary in Limington, Maine.

In 2014, Alexander received nine goats (eight males and one female) from a local dairy farm. He lived in an apartment in Biddeford at the time, and set about finding a house proper for himself and the animals. He ended up purchasing a frontier-style log cabin on 9.5 acres in Limington, ME, which is now the home of Lucky Tales Sanctuary!

Today, the sanctuary has twelve goats (seven of them from the original herd), two horses, three chickens, two pigs, and the owner’s companion animals.

Lucky Tales is a private sanctuary owned by Kati Peppe and Alexander Peppe, with the objective of becoming a 501(c)3.

Alex is a piano tuner/technician at Alex’s Piano Service (Alex’s Piano Service on Facebook), serving the Southern Maine region. Alex has been tuning pianos full-time since 2012, and services all makes and models.

Kati owns and operates Diamond K9 Dog Training. Dog training is her passion, and in addition to training she releases a wide variety of free content available through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Also be sure to check out their recipe blog, Plant-Based and Practical, for great recipe ideas! These recipes are health-conscious, contain no animal products, use readily available and inexpensive ingredients, and are simple to put together.