Lucky Tales Sanctuary is a sanctuary for former livestock animals.

We seek to constructively redefine the relationship human beings have with livestock animals, and present them instead as companion animals.

As the world changes, we should still have a place for the animals that were an important part of our journey as a species, and we can continue enjoying them simply as they are. 

We believe that, as both technology and our understanding of human health continues to improve, and as the world continues to become more economically efficient, animals are no longer a necessary or desirable source of food.

Why do we believe things will change?

Factory farming is enormously inefficient, and relies heavily on tax-payer money1. Large-scale animal farming might have disappeared decades ago for lack of profit and excessive risk, were it not for government intervention. This intervention came with a price, both in terms of economics and life—animal and human.

Our other project is Plant-Based and Practical, a website devoted to simple, healthy recipes that we personally found transformative. Diets high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes can dramatically improve your quality of life and lifespan. We believe the world will increasingly seek out these better options because they represent, quite simply, a way for all involved to live a fuller life.

We do not represent ourselves as an animal rights organization. There are many of those, and our specific goal is to target the people for whom that message does not resonate. We believe that eating animals and animal products is increasingly a practice that belongs in our past, and that we as a species are being held back by it.

We’re making the case it’s time to move on.